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This animation is very nostalgic, I seen it years ago when I was just a teenager on newgrounds as well as before I had an account here on this website. Honestly, it's not as funny as I remember, which to be fair is a common opinion of mine when I go to rewatch these old vidoes, but I still like it despite that. The characters cactuar, and tonberry are still amusing characters to me in this animation also.

So I give it 4 stars as I still like it, and it has nostalgic appeal to me.

Wow! Lemme just say the animation beautiful, what is even more impressive that was made over a decade ago, like it honestly looks better than a lot of animations made this year in 2019 despite the age!

The music is also good, and fits the animation of the video very well also.

Wow I remember watching this video years ago when I was a teenager, I even showed it to my dad's friend brad to see if he liked as much as I did back then. ( he didn't like it but oh well )

Watching it now however as a grown adult, it's not as funny as I remember due to my tastes changing with age, but I still think some parts of it are still kinda funny/good despite that.

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Wow this game is very nostalgic, I play it along with the other games of it's series a while back in middle school when I first started to come onto newgrounds. The game has it's comical charm which I love, and the character itself amused me when I was younger; probably cause i love cats + funny stuff.

My only gripes though is that you can't attack the enemies; who are which are sometimes kinda annoying, and you tend to slide off clouds you jump on sometimes.

Awesome game

I love this game, and the animation is pretty cool. My only complaint is that there should of been an option to skip the cut-scenes after they've been shown once, as the game was made slower by it. However, it's still think it's a pretty fun game. It's unique also, cause I never have seen a game yet that had to do with zombies being researched as most games with zombies are just shoot em ups, and defense games. If a sequel is being made or in the making I definitely will be playing it once it comes out!

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Nice art! Also congrats for making the first zadr picture on here! As this site was seriously lacking in any art/media of this ship.

hana-pong responds:

aaa thank you very much! and I will be sure to post more zadr content here for sure
I also noticed the lack of the ship in this site as well and hopefully I will find other zadr fans in her, too somehow XD

I really how you drew the fire, and everything!

Very cute, I like how you draw daisy here!

hana-pong responds:

thank you, she's very fun to draw
I'm not very good with yellow when it comes to art but working on this Daisy pic with her colors made me a bit proud on how it turned out :"D <3

Incari is my old accounts name as I made this account in 2010/2011, but my name is actually FeralAsar currently btw.

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