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This animation is very nostalgic, I seen it years ago when I was just a teenager on newgrounds as well as before I had an account here on this website. Honestly, it's not as funny as I remember, which to be fair is a common opinion of mine when I go to rewatch these old vidoes, but I still like it despite that. The characters cactuar, and tonberry are still amusing characters to me in this animation also.

So I give it 4 stars as I still like it, and it has nostalgic appeal to me.

Wow! Lemme just say the animation beautiful, what is even more impressive that was made over a decade ago, like it honestly looks better than a lot of animations made this year in 2019 despite the age!

The music is also good, and fits the animation of the video very well also.

Wow I remember watching this video years ago when I was a teenager, I even showed it to my dad's friend brad to see if he liked as much as I did back then. ( he didn't like it but oh well )

Watching it now however as a grown adult, it's not as funny as I remember due to my tastes changing with age, but I still think some parts of it are still kinda funny/good despite that.

This is such a classic, I remember watching it years ago on newgrounds when I was very young before I had an account on here, and honestly it's still just as funny as well as good as it was back then.

It's kind of shame that the sequel might never be finished, and the original comic this was based on isn't around anymore either as the creator deleted it sadly.

Aww this is cute, I always liked budgies, and I think they need to be in more animations honestly!

Keep up the good work btw!

Omg, this friggen vid was one of my big favs in my early teenhood, and I watched it several times; in fact if I were to hear the ending credits I would probably think back to this old vid.

I gave it 4 stars though as honestly watching it again, it isn't as funny as I remembered it; however it still has some funny in it so it's not that bad. Yeah the animation ain't that great, but honestly I don't care as it kinda makes it funnier.

I really love this movie, it's really funny.

I like pewdie pie, but I do have to agree that his fanbase is filled with idiots. I especially hate it when they think he's the funniest let's player ever, and everyone who does the same movies as him is copying.

I watched this movie years ago back before I had a newgrounds account, and it was one of my favorite flash movies on newgrounds. The movie's techno music was incredibly cool to listen to; back then I think I actually watched this movie over, and over again just so I can listen to it's song.

I gave it 3.5 cause I have maybe only two complaints about the movie. The first complaint is that the movie's animation is kind of simplistic, and so is the animation. However, at the same time it at least isn't terrible looking compared to other flashes I seen on this site. My second complaint is the part with the dust fight; It felt incredibly anticlimactic to have it build up tension, see the hero cat prepare for battle, see the two enemies meet, jump at each other to fight, only to be disappointed by a rather rushed fight scene with a stereotypical cartoon fight cloud.

Other then those two nit-picks, I really love this movie.

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